The Governor of Colorado signs into law tougher restrictions on gun owners for his state.  The reaction is felt nationwide as hunters and gun owners react.  Colorado has the best elk hunting in the continental US.  As a result of the Governors actions hunters and gun owners react by canceling up coming hunting trips with outfitters.  The economic impact to the state will be felt far beyond the hunting license sales.  Read the attached link for the full story.  Why post that on our blog here in North Carolina?  This is how we can make our state and federal representatives understand the negative impact of their irrational actions.   North Carolina residents need to stand in this fight as well, if you have plans to travel to Colorado this year, re-think your plans and stand up for our rights nationwide.  Also write or email your state representatives and inform them that North Carolina residents will react similarly to strict gun controls.

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According to the Charlotte Observer and a quote from House Speaker Thom Tillis-R, it does not look as though there will be an major changes to firearms laws in North Carolina for 2013.  With all the emotions running high and all the ristrictive laws being proposed out of Washington D.C. it is nice to see our legislatures thinking with a clear head and taking a cautious approach to reviewing the current situation.  Please take time to read this article as it speaks good news for us concerned firearms owners.  Comments are welcomed.

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A great article on the citizens of Zebulon addressing the Sheriff regarding their Constitutional rights! We all should take lessons here and be more vocal.

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The has a good article on Raleigh and surrounding area gun crime statistics from the last decade. The article provides murder related statistics in comparison with the type of firearm used. As we would expect, handguns make the top of the list, with rifles being the lowest which included military style weapons. If we singled out military style weapons from the rifles, the numbers would be statistically insignificant. Yet, because of the way the media portrays these mass killings without knowing the real facts, military style guns and high capacity magazines are to blame. Please go to the link and read the article for yourself, just remember to read things with an open mind and weary eye as to where the information comes from and how it is presented. Thomasi McDonald did a pretty decent job with this article in presenting the information. Read and decide for yourself!

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Gun Rights Lobbying Groups Working or Not?

Once again legal gun owners rights are being attacked in Washington. As with many other laws in our society, it becomes scrutinized during times when tragic events occur and emotions run high. Since Washington runs off of lobbying, we have relied on one major Lobbying Group to speak for us, then NRA. In recent years there have been others that have also been developed, the latest is the Gun Owners of America. The question is, Are they working or not? Help us to develop our own local discussions, weigh in with your comments.

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Show Update

Another busy day at the Dixie Gun Show… Lot’s of people stopping by to check out our Kriss..

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Check out our Indoor Range Survey!

Huge number of people have taken the survey, thanks very much! It will be up for a couple more weeks. Working on this range project has been fun. We’ve been all over the country visiting ranges and conferences. One more conference to go in California next month, then we will get down to final decisions!

We would also like to announce 2 new employees: Nick Pagan and Ben Massey. Both have extensive gun knowledge, and are here to help.

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38 Spl Brass

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Just Arrived: Pocket Rockets and Green Things

Ruger LCP, 380 ACP

KelTec P-3AT; 380 ACP

Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced, ODG, 5.56

As always, drop in or call/email for more details!

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Make it a Safe One!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day! We’ll see y’all on Tuesday!


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